Window by Ron Elisha

Window is an honest portrayal of young married couple, a gritty show of how things can go wrong and not turn out exactly how you expected.

In yet another emotionally truthful piece by award-winning playwright Ron Elisha, Another Soup brings the Australian’s minutely observed new piece to the London stage. Window is a guaranteed good watch.

One couple is always naked – one couple is always watching.

Grace and Jimmy are in their late twenties. They have a house and a child. They like normal things – TV, takeaway, and travel. But when Grace notices a rather athletic display taking place in a neighbour’s bedroom, she begins to watch. So does Jimmy. And before long, neither of them can look away.

In a co-production with The So & So Arts Club, Another Soup presents Window, an honest portrayal of young married life and what can happen when the everyday is constantly interrupted by the unexpected. Written by a winner of four Australian Writers’ Guild Awards, Ron Elisha’s latest offering of minutely-observed domesticity and voyeurism promises to be an exploration of emotional truth like no other. Directed by the award-winning Dave Spencer and starring Idgie Beau and Charles Warner, this is at once a diverting and unnerving piece of new writing. Window is guaranteed to leave you smirking long into the night while you lie awake in bed, wondering what your neighbours might be getting up to.

Contains strong language, nudity, and adult themes, 16+

(70 mins no interval)

Press Response

for Dave Spencer’s direction of Ron Elisha’s The Soul of Wittgenstein

‘Spencer […] doesn’t put a foot wrong in bringing this moving story to life […] I rarely feel motivated to see the same production of a show, but I would readily see this again tonight … and perhaps even the next night.’

PETER BROWN, ActDrop, July 2016 ★★★★★

‘Director, Dave Spencer, ensures the interaction between the two characters is constantly playful, creating a graceful harmony which lends itself to the events of the play.’

ROSIE SNELL, Scatter Of Opinion, July 2016

‘Comedy and pathos are blended perfectly in Dave Spencer’s impeccably acted production […] Rarely can the dry subject of Philosophy have been made so funny and moving.’

STEPHEN BATES, The Reviews Hub, July 2016 ★★★★

‘It can’t be altogether easy to make philosophical propositions both accessible and entertaining, but this production makes it seem effortless. A scintillating, subtle and intense play.’

CHRIS OMAWENG, London Theatre 1, July 2016 ★★★★

‘a sensitive and clever two-hander […] no need to look up the historical figure, so extraordinary was the character I encountered in the play. The whole piece found a rhythm of living and passing of time that never failed to compel. The two strands of decline into illness and ascension into love were perfectly paced to form a tragically beautiful play.’

REBEKAH ELLERBY, A Younger Theatre, July 2016