The Wily Widow inspired by Goldoni

The Wily Widow is inspired by The Artful Widow (La Vedova Scaltra) di Carlo Goldoni, Italy, 1748.

Goldoni’s play had encountered considerable success in his time, but it has never been staged in the UK, in spite of being gently contemporary.
We held a read-through at The Actor Centre last December which was received with enthusiasm. The reactions of the participants were good. ‘Goldoni himself would have smiled all along’ some said.

It is a 2-act comedy (approx. 90 min.) set in 2002, in Venice at Carnival time.
A newly widowed Venetian quickly has to raise her game in business and in love. Multiple twists and turns, and a few surprises along the way will render this quite difficult.
Will Ilaria make it in time?
The wit and charm of this play will linger with you for quite some time…

Ilaria Guerini returns to Venice after an absence of 25 years. Now in her fifties, she finds everything changed: her father has died, also her gambler Neapolitan husband, who has left her pennyless, and the family’s palace is now in poor repair. Encouraged by the old housekeeper, Teresa, Ilaria sells some family jewels, and transforms the palace into a bed & breakfast to help make ends meet. The first guests, an Austrian and a French, are not what they seem: both have plans to their advantage. Ilaria will have to raise her game in business and love to achieve an upper hand. Set in Venice in 2002, just as the European currencies unified into the Euros, The Wily Widow tells of human beings, victims as they are of their very human foibles and flaws, yet amenable to change when love and honour strike.

It’s theatre like in the old days, much in the Italian Commedia dell’ Arte tradition.
Witty and elegant, The Wily Widow will put a smile on your face from start to end.
You will not be bored. It’s a promise.