The Peregrine by Philip Holt

We all come from somewhere. Then we choose… Jonathan McGarrity in new play by Philip Holt at the Stockwell Playhouse.

Can an assassin’s career end on a dance floor? Can you kill the one person you learned to call a friend? Is it betrayal or necessity? It’s a time of political turmoil. Old loyalties shift in the direction of new power. Scores will be settled.

The Peregrine follows Paul (Christopher Sherwood), a political fixer snatched as a child from poverty by his ‘svengali’ Memo (Sprague Theobald) and groomed in a life of privilege and violence. One step ahead of his own fate, Paul must confront his one-time guide, Theo (Jonathan McGarrity). A tango takes centre stage as Paul learns that the dance of time and memory will define his future when Sofia (Katie Buchholz) offers him a final explanation: “We all come from somewhere. Then we choose.” The last word goes to Paul’s tailor, Doroteo (Jackson Pentland), who is the only one left to observe the sweep of events that consumes the other characters.

The Peregrine is a new play by New York playwright Philip Holt, winner of the 2017 Stockwell Playhouse One-Act Festival bursary prize.

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