The Pendle Witch by Lexi Wolfe

For 1 night only at the wonderfully intimate venue of Treadwell’s Books, Covent Garden…


1636. Lancaster Castle – The Witches’ Tower. You are imprisoned, awaiting trial, crammed into a cell with a solitary woman who has been here for years. She tells you the story that lead to her being imprisoned, beginning at a Witchcraft Trial, twenty-four years previously.

But she was not the accused witch. In 1612, she was nine, and she was a witness for the prosecution against the Witches Of Pendle, including her own brother, sister, and mother. In this story, the infamous Jennet Device herself tells her version of the events which lead to the hanging of ten people – impossible, had it not been for Jennet’s testimony – and her how fortunes fared since then.

Lexi Wolfe is an award-winning actress and writer.  The Pendle Witch is her latest creation following on from the multi 5- and 4-starred Mrs Oscar Wilde.
***** – ‘Lexi Wolfe has created an engaging,​ fascinating story & her​performance flawless’ – The Open Door (Mrs Oscar Wilde)
**** – ‘Lexi Wolfe’s contained​ descent…is ​gut-writhingly convincing.’ – The Reviews Hub (Mrs Oscar Wilde)
Tickets: £12
Date: Thursday 26th July 2018, 7pm