The Listening Hare

Colin Campbell’s The Listening Hare, a new performance storytelling night, comes to the White Bear Theatre on 25 Feb.

The Listening Hare #1 – The Ancients (nothing under 2,000 years old!); The Epic of Gilgamesh and Medea.

A night of old stories, newly told

Gilgamesh: ‘His quest is the quest of an idiot’

Gilgamesh – He who saw Everything, is an epic Babylonian poem based on the mythical adventures of a historical King of Uruk who lived and ruled around 2750 BC. It was written in cuneiform on 12 baked clay tablets and charts Gilgamesh’s journey from tyranny to friendship, from love to loss, from despair to acceptance.

Colin R Campbell, actor and dramatherapist performs Robert Temple’s beautiful translation.

Marianna Vogt will perform Medea. Each performance will last about 45 minutes.

Chthonic love, exile, betrayal, infanticide, revenge, raging at the dying of the light: Marianna Vogt performs her own adaptation of Medea based on Euripides’ play and Heiner Müller’s Medeamaterial.