Spill: A Verbatim Show About Sex

“Bloody hell, erm… I have no idea, I have never tried to describe an orgasm before. It’s like a little treat, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s like a little treat, I think.”

Presented by Propolis Theatre


We’re making a show about sex. Because it’s important. Because everyone wants to talk about it. Because it’s at the start of everything, at the heart of everything, and because we are taught, from such an early age, that we shouldn’t be talking about it. We’re told It should be clean, quiet, careful, hairless, monogamous, young, skinny, heterosexual…

We asked the same questions to a variety of people from different backgrounds, sexualities, ages and experiences, to give you an honest look at what sex really is. We want to give you the chance to be voyeurs without feeling guilty about it. We are putting your words in our mouths.

“Snort-inducing,stomach-toning, laugh-out-loud-until-you’re-still-laughing-well-into-the-next-scene-and-question-if-you-might-need-to-leave-the-theatre- FUNNY!” Theatre Bristol

“Here is theatre at its most important: revelatory, witty and didactic without ever sermonising. Spill is a refreshing and entertaining effort that bares more than flesh and manages to deliver wholeheartedly on its promise to gratify, celebrate and confront the topic that the world can’t stop not talking about.” A Younger Theatre

“The sex-ed class we all wish we’d had… funny and brutally honest.” Broadway Baby