Macbeth at the Bussey Building


“Stars hide your fires: Let not light see my black and deep desires”

Devil You Know Theatre Company presents the world premiere of a thrilling new version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth set in a post apocalyptic Britain 100 years in the future and staged in Peckham’s iconic Bussey Building. This thrilling new version of one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies, charts the bloody rise and downfall of the legendary warrior Macbeth.

Set in a future dystopian world after a global nuclear apocalypse where civilisation and technology has been obliterated. Life has restarted but society and humanity have reverted. Survivors have forged weapons and primitive forts from scavenging what is left and face a daily fight for survival.

This brutal landscape presents an evocative setting for one of Shakespeare’s most violent and chillingly evil plays.

Tickets are available online at:

For any ticketing issues please contact The Bussey Building (AKA CLF Theatre) on:

0207 732 5275

Devil You Know Theatre is dedicated to creating innovative and exciting work with teams of the highest quality.

Within thrilling re-tellings of modern and classical plays; we seek to take risks and make brave choices in our work and hope to contribute in some way to increasing the wider accessibility of theatre.