January 2018

It’s been and will be a busy few weeks for So & Sos everywhere. And I hope that the new year is throwing all sorts of wonderful opportunities in your direction.

For those of you who missed the Christmas party at our new venue, we cordially invite you to an open day to come and see So & So @ The Manor. We will be open from 12-8pm on 20 Feb, offering tea and coffee, and would love to show you everything the new home has to offer. We have converted the large airy warehouse into eight offices with a spacious communal space with fixed desk space, kitchen, and loo facilities, and a huge rehearsal performance space. Full details along with pictures are available on the website.

We will also be holding a Producers’ and Directors’ Evening on 16 Feb, to discuss ways in which we can all work together to create a sustainable artistic future, as well as to discuss a new tech platform. More info at the bottom of this newsletter.

What Our Members Are Up To

  • DHW Mildon‘s Leaves will play on 24-26 Jan, 30 Jan – 1 Feb, and 7-9 Feb. A one man show, Leaves is a literary love story and will take place in the beautiful Caravansérail bookshop (just off Brick Lane).
  • Naomi Westerman has two shows coming up at VAULT Festival. Double Infemnity is a one-woman show, a 1960’s set comedy-drama homaging and spoofing the crime noir genre, and opens 31 Jan.
  • And Zina is a true story about an extraordinary woman’s journey from devout Hijabi to dominatrix and recovering sex addict. This verbatim play explores female sexuality and feminism within Islam. Opens 21 Feb.
  • Claire Evans will be directing Belle Fontaine by Nicholas McInerny in a co-production at Waterloo East Theatre as part of VAULT Festival. Performances from 21-25 Feb. The play is set in an isolated religious community at a moment of crisis and asks what is the colour of a miracle in a black and white world.
  • Abi Zakarian also has a new play at VAULT Festival, I Have A Mouth And I Will Scream, which promises to be a play but not a play about being a woman today.
  • An extract from Roger Goldsmith‘s play Benches will be staged at the White Bear Theatre on the 12 Feb by Cuckoo Bang Theatre as part of their BITS production of new writing. A production of the play will be staged by me at the same theatre in the autumn, and he will be looking for a cast and director nearer the time. Stay tuned!
  • Gail Louw welcomes you a celebration to mark the launch of my new collection Plays Two. It will be at 3pm on 28 Jan at the Rialto Theatre in Brighton. Come for tea and scones and readings from some of the plays. She asks that if anyone thinking of coming could let her know so she has an idea of numbers.
  • Rachel Creeger invites you all to her debut UK tour of her award-winning show It’s No Job For A Nice Jewish Girl, dates from Jan to Mar across London, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Hertfordshire, Essex, Bristol, and Brighton.
  • Colin Campbell invites everyone to the performance storytelling night, ‘The Listening Hare‘, at the White Bear Theatre, on 25 Feb, which will hopefully become an ongoing thing if this first one is successful, so do go and support!
  • Congratulations to Zelina Ribero, who joins the rep company at the Liverpool Everyman for the second year!
  • Nicholas Delvalle joins the cast of Marnie Nash‘s production of Love’s Labour’s Lost in Unfold Theatres production at the Rose Theatre Bankside, opening on 27 Feb.
  • David Harvey calls our attention to the launch of the Theatres at Risk Register 2018 on behalf of the Theatres Trust, hosted by Dara Ó Briain on 23 Jan. He notes that Streatham Hill Theatre, where Women And War 2017 was held is on the register. Follow on Twitter to keep up to date, or sign up to the mailing list.
  • Congratulations to Ming Ho, who has won the Writers’ Guild award for Best Radio Drama for her drama The Things We Never Said, which the club performed as a rehearsed reading in 2016.
  • Evy Barry would like to draw your attention to a casting notice on the Club website, for an evening of short plays.
  • Dave Spencer directs the headliner of the 96 Festival at the Omnibus Theatre, The Soul Of Wittgenstein, opening on 6 Feb. If a dying man questioned what you were doing with your life, how would you answer? And would it be something that you were willing to admit?

New Members

Hello to our new members – Eloise Lally, and Tamara Wilder.

Best wishes to all,

Dave Spencer

Producers’ and Directors’ Evening

We would love to invite you to a gathering at the new HQ of The So & So Arts Club in Manor House on the 16 Feb from 7pm onwards.

The purpose of this is threefold:

  • There is a company who have an interesting new tech proposition aimed at fringe theatres and new writing, and they are looking for feedback and input.
  • We want to open a dialogue for independent fringe/studio producers to see how we can work together to build a sustainable future for ourselves and our venues through co-operating.
  • We would also like to take the opportunity to show you our new rehearsal and performance space, So & So @ The Manor.

We very much hope you can attend – we will be running a super cheap bar and hosting the event, and we hope this will prove a useful starting point for putting our heads together, alongside what we think is an interesting and potentially lucrative offer from the tech world.