Held by Tina Jay

Tina Jay‘s play HELD will be performed at Tristan Bates Theatre 6-17 June at 7.30pm with two additional Saturday matinees at 2.30pm. The play will be directed by Richard Elson and explores the broken lives of five inmates and the chains that bind them.

Prison is a hard education where everything has a price.

A new play exploring the broken lives of five inmates and the locked chains that bind them.

When young offender Jamie is thrown into the harsh reality of an adult prison, he soon falls prey to the rules and control of the older hardened prisoners, in a world where nothing is free, as passions heighten within their confined surroundings.

Fynn is desperate for a way out, not only from prison but struggling to breathe against the strangling ties which threaten to destroy him.  He has to choose, but at what cost to himself and others?

As Fynn and Jamie’s lives are brought together, through the demands of drug baron Ryde, the need to escape brings a deeper more dangerous meaning.

What happens when your saviour becomes your destroyer?

This production is not suitable for under 16s. Contains strong language, sexual scenes, sound of gun shot and drug use.


Jamie and Fynn – Jack Brett Anderson
Cal – Duran Fulton Brown
Sleat and Ryde – Anthony Taylor


Writer – Tina Jay 
Director – Richard Elson