Drowning On Dry Land by Alan Ayckbourn

John Craggs plays in Alan Ayckbourn’s coruscatingly acid and funny play at the New Wimbledon Theatre.

Drowning On Dry Land tells the story of Charlie Conrad – a man who seemingly has everything: fame, fortune and a legion of faithful fans. His talent? He has no talent. Charlie is famous for doing nothing and failing in everything he attempts. A famous celebrity, he is resented by his wife, who gave up her career for him. Put in the mix, an amorous clown and an investigative journalist, Charlie is about to find out just how fickle fame can be.  “It is folly to drown on dry land” (English Proverb)

18 – 23 April

Please come along for an evening of hilarity.
*There will be no show on Thursday 20th April, but an extra matinee on Sunday 23rd.