Days Of Significance by Roy Williams

From drunken brawls to war in Iraq; who is fighting for us?

Directed by Lucy Aley-Parker, Days Of Significance comes to The Questors Theatre from 15-23 Nov.

In market-town England, Ben and Jamie are on a standard drunken night out with their mates. It’s the usual bender in town, where the lads insult each other and flirt with the girls who insult them back. But tonight is different: the next day, the two young soldiers are off for active service in Iraq.

Out of their depth and fighting in a war that they don’t understand, the young men are managing their moral compass, loyally following orders and trying to keep in touch with their complex love lives. All with bravado that belies the truth of their fear and vulnerability.

But what is the impact on these alienated and susceptible soldiers? And what consequences will their ill-equipped moral codes have on the West and the people they come home to?

Suitable for ages 16+ due to adult content: nudity and profanity.