About the Club

After two highly productive years at our former home Frederick’s Place in the city, where we ran a pop-up theatre, we are now happily ensconced at our new base in London Bridge.

In the past two years we produced three festivals. The first was So and So On a week long one act play festival featuring projects from five countries. This was followed by a co-production with the Lost Theatre of a new musical theatre writing competition, Musical Box, which culminated in showcases for five new musicals.

In July 2016, we produced a month long multi-disciplinary festival Women and War, which featured the stories of women throughout history and across the world. We will be producing a second festival this July, Women and War: EXODUS in a new venue Applecart Theatre which we are partnering with for this, its inaugural year.

This festival will feature drama, music, poetry, photography, art, and seminars alongside cuisine and craft to bring together and to give a voice to women, who have been forced to relocate and to learn to rebuild their lives in a new country.

In 2015, we produced our second rep season of four new plays developed through the club, Ever HopeFull, and we are delighted to announce we will be producing our third season, Hope Springs, this November.

Alongside the major events, we are continuing to generate work and connections through our rehearsed reading projects and, in addition, we are offering our members the chance to produce six scratch nights in our rehearsal space.

Through all of our in-house projects we intend to continue to provide paid work for as many of our members a possible and to extend the network of collaboration, which enables people to build their own work and connections.