The Comedy Project 2017

Ros Adler’s Judgment Day (which she is also in) is on 13 March as part of The Comedy Project 2017 at the Soho Theatre.

Rosalind hopes that fellow members will pop along to what’s bound to be a fun evening. It has a first-class line-up of writers ready to show you their stuff, and runs for 4 consecutive Mondays, 6, 13, 20, and 27 March.

The Comedy Project offers audiences the unique chance to see new work from well-established writers performed alongside material from the best in up-and-coming comedy talent. Two pieces are presented each night with the content ranging from off-book sitcom pilots to on-book radio episodes, from stand-up shows to sketches and short films.


by Rosalind Adler

Life on our planet is over, so in Heaven it’s Judgment Day for the 100 billion-plus people who’ve ever walked the Earth. Where to begin? And who will run the trials?